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HomeGauge’s Create Request List™ is a free online tool that is included with your inspection report. You’ll have the ability to create a list to attach to your repair addendum with just a few clicks. You can also collaborate with your seller and send a copy of your request list to anyone you choose.

Who We Are
Chad Larsen
Chad Larsen

Owner, Technician, Inspector, Consultant

Chad has worked as a technician for the majority of his career. His love for camping and the outdoors is what pushed him to pursue a continuing education in the RV maintenance and inspection field with the hopes of helping other like minded people enjoy their rigs trouble and worry free. 

Chad is an NRVIA Certified and trained inspector! While there are many people that say they perform RV inspections, it is important to have trained and certified RV inspectors perform your inspection. NRVIA inspectors are held to the highest standards in the industry, promote professionalism, and communicate their findings in full detail. Don't settle for the dealership's PDI Inspection! Use a trained, 3rd party, unbiased inspector that is working on your behalf!

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