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Roof Maintenance & Repairs

RV Roof

At RV Patch Mobile Repair we believe roof maintenance is one of the most important, and under valued tasks involved with RV ownership. One of the most overlooked areas of an RV is the roof! And most water damage on an RV originates from the roof! 


Did you know that OEM manufacturers recommend cleaning and protecting your RV roof twice per year? And while at it, all sealant should be inspected and touched up as well!


We offer several different packages to help with these maintenance and repair tasks! We understand how difficult and time consuming roof work can be, and take pride in the repairs we perform! Let us help you protect your investment!

RV Roof Coating

Let's get Crazy!

If your roof is in an extreme state of disrepair it may be time to consider a new roof. While this is always an option we can handle, it is a very costly and time consuming repair. But there may be an alternative! Let us introduce you to Crazy Seal!

We LOVE this product!! It is less costly than a complete new roof, and seals your RV's roof better than a replacement! Check out some more information and videos below. We are sure you will love this repair option as much as we do!

Crazy Seal Logo
Crazy Seal Warranty Certificate
Traditional Roofing

The application of our system completely flips the roofing equation upside down. In typical roofing, you have a substrate like rubber, epdm, etc. that is laid down first with adhesive. Roof components are then installed on top of this substrate with screws, tacks, and nails creating hundreds of potential leak points. Then a layer of sealant is applied on top of the penetrations. At this point, the only protection over those penetrations is that layer of sealant, which over time can rot or deteriorate, leaving your roof vulnerable to water intrusion.

Water Intrusion Examples

Deterioration leading to water intrusion can be incredibly destructive to your RV and everything inside. Here are a few examples of how much damage water can do.

The Crazy Seal System

Crazy Seal does exactly the opposite! Our system begins first by using our specially formulated caulk and mastic to seal all seams and penetrations. From there a final membrane is applied on top of the sealed penetrations. The entire roof is now sealed under one giant chemically bonded molecule.

All components are derived from the same base formula and merge seamlessly together into a single membrane. The end result seals all penetrations and fortifies your roof with a seamless, custom fit membrane covering every square inch of your roof. See the before and after sliders below to see how Crazy Seal creates a seamless membrane on every inch of your roof.









Full Overview Videos

Click the images to watch our “21½ Reasons Why” and “Let’s Get Crazy” videos to learn more about the Crazy Seal system.

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